Notable Events in Suffolk

Notable Events in Suffolk

While Suffolk may not seem like a massive area, there are actually a lot of events that are worth attending that are ran at varying times of the year, this article will cover some of these events and give you more information.

Suffolk Show

The Suffolk show, which is scheduled for late this May, is one of the core events in Suffolk that perfectly encompasses every one of its values, and is strongly rooted in Suffolk’s traditions, with the event itself providing food, drinks and entertainment. For those interested in learning more about the event, you can find more information by giving them a call on 014437 707110 or heading over to their website.

Hadleigh Show

A perfect event for agriculture enthusiasts and lovers of what rural Suffolk has to offer, with the event subsequently having something that everyone will enjoy. For those with a keen interest in learning more about the event, you can send them an email on or even give them a call on 07584 568055 to learn more, you are also able to visit the hadleigh show website to find out more information about the event right now!

Aldeburgh Carnival

Aldeburgh Carnival, that is regarded as at least 170 years old has been called Ye Old Marine Regatta . The fireworks that are a quality of the carnivals of day, back to 1892 if there were just two screens. The procession was lead by his entourage and Father Neptune — a Captain, two Sharks, Queen Neptune and six Sons of the Sea. All fantastic fun and a trip.

Festival of Wheels

“The Festival of Wheels is two days of fun for all who love the machine – a heady mix of cars, bikes, trucks and all things with an engine.

It enables visitors to enjoy a day or even a weekend of entertainment, side shows and exhibits such as stunts and much more and assembles together the uncommon and intriguing cars, trucks and bikes at a special occasion for all those lovers of East Anglia.

Where can I stay?

Some events last longer than a day, and certain times of the year have a clump of events, so for these accommodation is strongly suggested, and while your at it, why not sleep somewhere historical such as the assortment of Suffolk holiday cottages that they provide, all being part of the local history due to being painted by the legendary John Constable.